Olga Yoga Story First step is the hardest

First step is the hardest

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What to do when there is no yoga studios around or you are new in the society.  There sometimes a language barrier when you find yourself in new country or… lack of motivation as we are just a human.

If you want to start yoga alone when no one is looking at you -here I give you some links with nice vocals, explanations of  sequences for beginners.



A small advice:

Do not skip the introduction, breathing and relaxation part of this presentation. Yoga is not DOING asanas all the time – is also maintaining them, understanding  their power even while you are lying down in shavasana. So I wish you patience and curiosity to discover what yoga can give you.


There is of course lot of different kind of yoga. Once we start Internet research we quicly get overloaded by infrormation. Actually it’s not so difficult but for sure there is a lot of styles and names of particular sequences. Basically there a 5 types of yoga in traditional undertanding:

Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga

That what we do is not very spiritual sometimes we starting form scratch so just to feeling comfortable in silence or with your own thoughts. I mean on western yoga classes mostly you receive the slow or dynamic asanas’ practice, some relaxation and breathing techniques. That is what Hatha Yoga means – a Discipline of Body and Prana, a physical practice. The styles as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Shhivananda, Bikram etc…reflect teaching methods created and taught by legendary teachers.

Don’t worry if you find some funny name as snowga, doga or whatever-yoga something something.. just take it easy- your life is not always so serious too and we do not need to become a munk to do proper practice.

Once you start practicing- your awareness and knowledge rise to such level that whatever the class is called, you will know that you do right thing for yourself!

Actually here is a nice snowga – right for winter season in mountains:


Do not stop yourself from discovering. And if one yoga class was horrible for you- think about reasons, tell it to the teacher or search other style/studio/instructor. We are all individuals so our needs differ. Is so beautiful that there are plenty variations of activities to choose.

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